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Cyclic GMP-dependent Protein Kinase Signaling Pathway Inhibits RhoA-induced Ca2+ Sensitization of Contraction in Vascular Smooth Muscle*
Results indicate that cGK phosphorylates and inhibits RhoA and suggest that the consequent inhibition of RHoA-induced Ca2+ sensitization and actin cytoskeleton organization contributes to the vasodilator action of nitric oxide. Expand
P2Y(1), P2Y(2), P2Y(4), and P2Y(6) receptors are coupled to Rho and Rho kinase activation in vascular myocytes.
Transfection of Swiss 3T3 cells with P2Y receptors showed that Rho kinase-dependent actin stress fiber organization was induced in cells expressing P 2Y(1), P2y(2), P3Y(4), or P2 Y(6) receptor subtypes, demonstrating that P2 y receptors are coupled to activation of RhoA and subsequently to Rho-dependent signaling pathways. Expand
Postnatal development of cholinergic markers in the rat olfactory bulb: A histochemical and immunocytochemical study
The development time course and distribution patterns of neuronal fibers and cell bodies displaying acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity or choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) immunoreactivity in the rat olfactory bulb are defined and it is confirmed that the density of labelled fibers increases gradually in the postnatal period and spreads heterogeneously among the bulbar layers. Expand
Potent human p140-TrkA agonists derived from an anti-receptor monoclonal antibody
Monoclonal antibody (mAb) 5C3 directed against human p140 TrkA is a structural and functional mimic of nerve growth factor (NGF) and an artificial receptor agonist. mAb 5C3 binds in the NGF-dockingExpand
Developmental profiles of various cholinergic markers in the rat main olfactory bulb using quantitative autoradiography
The existence of possible relationships among the developmental profile of various cholinergic markers in the main olfactory bulb (OB) was assessed by using in vitro quantitative autoradiography.Expand
Genetic evidence of a precisely tuned dysregulation in the hypoxia signaling pathway during oncogenesis.
This work demonstrates that the complex pattern of disease manifestations observed in VHL syndrome is perfectly correlated with a gradient of VHL protein (pVHL) dysfunction in hypoxia signaling pathways, validating in humans the "continuum" model of tumor suppression. Expand
A germline mutation in PBRM1 predisposes to renal cell carcinoma
It is shown for the first time that an inherited mutation in PBRM1 predisposes to RCC, which is a tumour suppressor gene and somatic mutations are found in 30% of sporadic clear cell RCC. Expand