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Foreign Policy and Discourse Analysis: France, Britain and Europe
Henrik Larsen presents discourse analysis as an alternative approach to foreign policy analysis. Through an extensive empirical study of British and French policies towards Europe in the 1980s, heExpand
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Transformative innovation policy: Addressing variety in an emerging policy paradigm
This paper presents an analytical framework for assessing the emergence of a new policy paradigm labelled “transformative innovation policy”, which can be seen as layered upon, but not fullyExpand
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The EU as a Normative Power and the Research on External Perceptions: The Missing Link
In research on European foreign policy two important axes of debate have been running relatively independently of each other for more than a decade: the study of the European Union as a normativeExpand
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The EU: A Global Military Actor?
The point of departure in this article is the question of why the EU's policy focus can be said to be regional rather than global in spite of having access to considerable capabilities andExpand
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Discourse analysis in the study of European foreign policy
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British and Danish European Policies in the 1990s:
The aim of this article is to compare the respective domestic backgrounds for British and Danish policies towards Europe and to examine how these have shaped the European policies of the twoExpand
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Concepts of Security in the European Union After the Cold War
During the Cold War, the European Community (the EC) as it then was, was not considered an actor in international security either by its members or by outsiders. Although some member states wanted itExpand
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A Distinct FPA for Europe? Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Analysing the Foreign Policy of EU Member States
In the existing literature, the need for a distinctive approach to the analysis of foreign policy in Europe is usually seen as a uniform requirement applying across policy areas. At the same time,Expand
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The Russo-Georgian war and beyond: towards a European great power concert
The brief war between Georgia and Russia in August 2008 provoked vigorous international reactions among the European states as consequence of the sudden shift in the strategic balance. This articleExpand
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British Discourses on Europe: Sovereignty of Parliament, Instrumentality and the Non-Mythical Europe
A general problem in foreign policy analysis is how to deal theoretically with collective beliefs to which socio-political actors adhere. The aim of this chapter is to show that a linguisticExpand
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