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AIDS and Women of Color
The challenges involved in meeting the service needs of HIV-infected persons have changed dramatically over the past decade. In the past several years, HIV/AIDS has had a particularly devastatingExpand
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Role Strain, Coping, and Marital Satisfaction of Stepparents
The relationship among role strain, coping, and marital satisfaction is examined in a cross-sectional sample of 73 stepparents. New information is discussed pertaining to differential types of roleExpand
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Post-traumatic growth, stressful life events, and relationships with substance use behaviors among alternative high school students: A prospective study
A highly stressful life event (SLE) can elicit positive psychosocial growth, referred to as post-traumatic growth (PTG) among youth. We examined PTG and the number of SLEs for their influence onExpand
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The Development of a Role Strain Index for Stepparents
The stepparent role has been identified with chronic strain throughout the literature. Although various aspects of role strain have been anecdotally reported, its specific nature and most problematicExpand
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Stress and Depression Among HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Gay and Bisexual AIDS Caregivers
From a survey of 416 gay and bisexual male AIDS caregivers, we examined differences in the stress process and predictors of depressive symptomatology by caregivers' HIV serostatus (n = 164Expand
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Social Support Networks
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HIV serostatus and factors related to physical and mental well-being in Latina family AIDS caregivers.
In a survey of 154 Latina AIDS caregivers living in Los Angeles, we examined differences in the stress process for those who were HIV seropositive, seronegative, and those with an unknown serostatus.Expand
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Pathways to Learning
Despite the C.S.W.E. policy statement requirement to integrate content on special populations into the curriculum, many social work educators lack effective teaching methods to meet this mandate. AsExpand
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An Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Burden Assessment Scale with a Sample of African-American Families
It remains unclear if the factor structures of commonly used caregiver burden scales normed on white samples are similar with samples from different ethnic communities. Our study tests the factorExpand
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Biculturality and homosexuality.
In an effort to sensitize service providers to bicultural socialization, a small but growing literature has surfaced in which theories are proposed explaining the socialization process, culturalExpand
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