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Traditional fishing methods in rivers and streams of Mizoram, north-east India
The Mizo tribes of north east India developed and practiced different types of fishing methods since time immemorial. Some methods can be considered as traditional as well as non-traditional sinceExpand
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Population dynamics of earthworms in relation to soil physico-chemical parameters in agroforestry systems of Mizoram, India.
Earthworm population dynamics was studied in two agroforestry systems in the tropical hilly terrain of Mizoram, north-east India, over a period of 24 months, from July 2002 to June 2004. Two sites ofExpand
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Effect of fertilizer (NPK) on earthworm population in the agroforestry system of Mizoram, India
The effect of inorganic fertilizer (NPK) on earthworm population was studied for two years (20022004) under different plantations at Sakawrtuichhun (SKT) and Pachhunga University College (PUC)Expand
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Global distribution of earthworm diversity
Earthworm distribution in global soils Earthworms are key components of soil ecological communities, performing vital functions in decomposition and nutrient cycling through ecosystems. Using dataExpand
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Oligochaete taxonomy – The rise of earthworm DNA barcode in India
Oligochaeta is a class of segmented worms under the phylum Annelida that are characterised by the presence of tiny setae in each body segment. Earthworms are the main members, consisting ofExpand
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Olyra saginata, a new species of bagrid catfish (Actinopterygii: Siluriformes) from northeastern India.
Olyra saginata, new species, is described from the Kaladan [=Kolodyne] River system in Mizoram, northeast India. It differs from congeners in having the following unique combination of characters:Expand
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Traditional food processing techniques of the Mizo people of Northeast India
Documentation is the basic method of preserving indigenous traditional knowledge. Indigenous knowledge is passed down through generations and is in reality a necessary means of understanding manyExpand
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Isolation and molecular characterization of ginger soft rot pathogenic fungi in Aizawl district of Mizoram, India
Ginger soft rot disease caused by fungal pathogens have become one of the most serious problems causing reduced production around the world. It has also caused a major problem among farmers ofExpand
Diversity and abundance of birds in Reiek Biodiversity Spot, Mizoram, northeastern India
Contact us: sciencevision@outlook.com Birds are one of the best-known classes of living organisms, they are important bioindicators of an ecosystem. This study was undertaken to determine theExpand