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Oceanibulbus indolifex gen. nov., sp. nov., a North Sea alphaproteobacterium that produces bioactive metabolites.
Phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences and chemotaxonomic data support the description of a new genus and species, to include Oceanibulbus indolifex gen. nov., with the type strain HEL-45T.
Reactions of the melatonin metabolite AMK (N1‐acetyl‐5‐methoxykynuramine) with reactive nitrogen species: Formation of novel compounds, 3‐acetamidomethyl‐6‐methoxycinnolinone and 3‐nitro‐AMK
Abstract:  The melatonin metabolite N1‐acetyl‐5‐methoxykynuramine (AMK) was found to be unstable in air when adsorbed on a thin‐layer silica gel chromatography plate, a result that is in good
Chinikomycins A and B: isolation, structure elucidation, and biological activity of novel antibiotics from a marine Streptomyces sp. isolate M045.
Chinikomycins A and B are chlorine-containing aromatized manumycin derivatives of the type 64-pABA-2 with an unusual para orientation of the side chains that exhibited antitumor activity against different human cancer cell lines, but were inactive in antiviral, antimicrobial, and phytotoxicity tests.
Evolving trends in the dereplication of natural product extracts: new methodology for rapid, small-scale investigation of natural product extracts.
The use of an HPLC bioactivity profiling/microtiter plate technique in conjunction with capillary probe NMR instrumentation and access to appropriate databases effectively short-circuits conventional
Bioactive metabolites produced by Chaetomium globosum, an endophytic fungus isolated from Ginkgo biloba.
Interactions of melatonin and its metabolites with the ABTS cation radical: extension of the radical scavenger cascade and formation of a novel class of oxidation products, C2‐substituted
Novel products have been detected which derive from melatonin and are, among these, the first 3‐indolinones, which are reminiscent of other substances which have been synthesized in the search for melatonin receptor ligands.
Essramycin: A First Triazolopyrimidine Antibiotic Isolated from Nature†
A novel triazolopyrimidine antibiotic was obtained from the culture broth of the marine Streptomyces sp.
Himalomycin A and B: isolation and structure elucidation of new fridamycin type antibiotics from a marine Streptomyces isolate.
Two new anthracycline antibiotics designated as himalomycin A (2c) and B (2d) were isolated from the culture broth of the marine Streptomyces sp.
Mansouramycins A-D, cytotoxic isoquinolinequinones from a marine streptomycete.
Cytotoxicity profiling of the mansouramycins in a panel of up to 36 tumor cell lines indicated significant cytotoxicity of several derivatives, with pronounced selectivity for non-small cell lung cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, and prostate cancer cells.