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Meso-scale turbulence in living fluids
Turbulence is ubiquitous, from oceanic currents to small-scale biological and quantum systems. Self-sustained turbulent motion in microbial suspensions presents an intriguing example of collectiveExpand
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Dynamical clustering and phase separation in suspensions of self-propelled colloidal particles.
We study experimentally and numerically a (quasi-)two-dimensional colloidal suspension of self-propelled spherical particles. The particles are carbon-coated Janus particles, which are propelled dueExpand
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Melting, freezing and colloidal suspensions
Abstract Melting and freezing are very common phenomena in everyday life. This review focusses on the statistical mechanics of these ubiquitous phase transitions and highlights recent work on theExpand
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Fundamental-measure free-energy density functional for hard spheres: Dimensional crossover and freezing
A geometrically based fundamental-measure free-energy density functional unified the scaled-particle and Percus-Yevick theories for the hard-sphere fluid mixture. It has been successfully applied toExpand
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Complex Plasmas and Colloidal Dispersions: Particle-Resolved Studies of Classical Liquids and Solids
Interdisciplinary Research: Scientific Background Basic Properties of Complex Plasmas and Colloidal Dispersions: Charging, Interactions, Major Forces Examples of Particle-Resolved Studies: StaticExpand
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Dynamical density functional theory for colloidal dispersions including hydrodynamic interactions
  • M. Rex, H. Löwen
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The European physical journal. E, Soft matter
  • 1 February 2009
A dynamical density functional theory (DDFT) for translational Brownian dynamics is derived which includes hydrodynamic interactions. The theory reduces to the simple Brownian DDFT proposed byExpand
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Derivation of the phase-field-crystal model for colloidal solidification.
The phase-field-crystal model is by now widely used in order to predict crystal nucleation and growth. For colloidal solidification with completely overdamped individual particle motion, we show thatExpand
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Star Polymers Viewed as Ultrasoft Colloidal Particles
Combining statistical-mechanical theories and neutron-scattering techniques, we show that the effective pair potential between star polymers is exponentially decaying for large distances and crossesExpand
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Crystallization in a dense suspension of self-propelled particles.
Using Brownian dynamics computer simulations, we show that a two-dimensional suspension of self-propelled ("active") colloidal particles crystallizes at sufficiently high densities. Compared to theExpand
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A hard sphere system confined between two parallel hard plates is investigated theoretically. Using extensive Monte Carlo computer simulations, the phase diagram is calculated for the whole range ofExpand
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