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Tree and Site Quality Preferences of Six Epiphytic Lichens Growing on Oaks in Southeastern Sweden
Oaks (Quercus robur) can reach a considerable age, which makes them an important substrate for many epiphytic lichens, including several red-listed species. We studied the importance of tree size andExpand
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Estimating the dispersal capacity of the rare lichen Cliostomum corrugatum.
The objective of this study was to estimate the dispersal rate in an organism assumed to be confined to tree stands with unbroken continuity. We used the lichen-forming ascomycete Cliostomum corrugExpand
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decline in lichen biodiversity on oak trunks due to urbanization
Biodiversity often suffers from urbanization. In the present study, we focused on how the duration of urbanization affects the richness of 17 epiphytic lichen species and their cover on large oaks ...
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Changes in the distributions of epiphytic lichens in southern Sweden using a new statistical method
Past studies on changes in species distribution have mainly been based on analysis of range boundaries. In contrast, the method used here evaluates shifts in species' geographic centroids within a ...
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Professor Ingvar Kärnefelt - a birthday tribute
On 19 July 2009 Ingvar Karnefelt celebrated his 65th birthday. This could have meant that we, his former students, would be celebrating him in his retirement from his position as head of the BiologExpand
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Description of spatial and temporal distributions of epiphytic lichens
Lichens are, in most cases, sensitive to anthropogenic factors such as air pollution, global warming, forestry and fragmentation. Two studies are included in this thesis. The first is an evaluationExpand
Biodiversity in the wake of urban sprawl : loss among epiphytic lichens on large oaks
Biodiversity often suffers from urbanisation. In the present study, we focused on how the age of urbanisation affects the richness of 17 epiphytic lichens species and their cover on large oaks, witExpand
Chaos and order in teaching and research
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Professor Ingvar Krnefelt a birthday tribute
Rapid changes in the epiphytic macrolichen flora on sites in southern Sweden
A relatively quick and simple method is presented for monitoring changes in distribution and in site and substratum preferences of epiphytic macrolichens; the method also records the natural turnovExpand
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