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The paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus: Cytoarchitectonic subdivisions and organization of projections to the pituitary, dorsal vagal complex, and spinal cord as demonstrated by retrograde
The results suggest that cells projecting to the pituitary gland are concentrated in the magnocellular core of the nucleus, while the descending connections arise primarily from the surrounding parvocellular division.
Cortical afferents and efferents of monkey postarcuate area: an anatomical and electrophysiological study
It was shown that stimulation of area 7b (PF) gives rise to short-latency synaptic responses in postarcuate neurons, including some neurons with identified projections to MI, which are discussed in relation to the possible function of the postarcuates region of the premotor cortex in the sensory guidance of movement.
Diamidino yellow dihydrochloride (DY·2HCl); a new fluorescent retrograde neuronal tracer, which migrates only very slowly out of the cell
A new yellow fluorescent tracer is reported which labels mainly the nucleus and migrates much more slowly out of the retrogradely labeled neurons than NY, and when combined with TB or FB is as effective as NY in double labeling of neurons by way of divergent axon collaterals.