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A new antibiotic, tautomycin.
Taxonomic studies on Kitasatosporia cystarginea sp. nov., which produces a new antifungal antibiotic cystargin.
A significant properties of the species is the production of a new antifungal antibiotic, cystargin, which is characteristic in forming distinct spirals of spore chains.
A new antibiotic, tautomycetin.
New types of liposidomycins that inhibit bacterial peptidoglycan synthesis and are produced by Streptomyces. I. Producing organism and medium components.
Liposidomycins are atypical lipid-bearing nucleoside antibiotics that inhibit bacterial peptidoglycan synthesis. A producing strain was identified as a Streptomyces sp. from its cultural
A new antifungal antibiotic, cystargin: fermentation, isolation, and characterization.
A new sulfur-containing peptide antifungal antibiotic, cystargin, was isolated from the fermentation broth of a new species of genus Kitasatosporia and showed a growth inhibitory activity against various phytopathogenic fungi and inhibition of beta-1,3-glucan synthetase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Studies on differentiation inducing substances of animal cells. I. Differenol A, a differentiation inducing substance against mouse leukemia cells.
A new substance from culture filtrate of a streptomycete, which induces differentiation of mouse leukemia cells is isolated, named differenol A, which is a weakly acidic compound with melting point of 305~3100C.