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A Graphene Field-Effect Device
In this letter, a top-gated field-effect device (FED) manufactured from monolayer graphene is investigated. Except for graphene deposition, a conventional top-down CMOS-compatible process flow is
Integrated THz technology for label-free genetic diagnostics
We report on a promising approach for the label-free analysis of DNA molecules using direct probing of the binding state of DNA with electromagnetic waves at THz frequencies. Passive THz resonator
Synthesis of graphene on silicon dioxide by a solid carbon source.
The presented approach allows for mass fabrication of polycrystalline graphene without transfer steps while using only CMOS compatible process steps.
Pockels effect based fully integrated, strained silicon electro-optic modulator.
Electro-optic characterization yields a record high value χ(2)(yyz) = 122 pm/V for the second-order susceptibility of the strained silicon waveguide and a strict linear dependence between the applied modulation voltage V(mod) and the resulting effective index change Δn(eff).
Investigation of local strain distribution and linear electro-optic effect in strained silicon waveguides.
Detailed investigations of the local strain distribution and the induced second-order optical nonlinearity within strained silicon waveguides cladded with a Si₃N₄ strain layer show that strain gradients in the waveguide core and the effective second- order susceptibility χ(2)(yyz) increase with reduced w(WG).
Low-index discontinuity terahertz waveguides.
A new type of dielectric THz waveguide based on recent approaches in the field of integrated optics is presented with theoretical and experimental results that provide an outstanding combination of high mode confinement and low transmission losses currently not realizable with any other metal-based or photonic crystal approach.
Analysis of the Annual Performance of Bifacial Modules and Optimization Methods
Bifacial modules have the advantage of capturing sunlight from front as well as from rear surfaces, and therefore, they are able to produce larger amounts of energy, compared with standard
Simultaneous dual-band ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography.
Ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography imaging is demonstrated simultaneously at 840 nm and 1230 nm central wavelength using an off-the-shelf turn-key supercontinuum light source using a free-space OCT setup optimized to support both wavelengths in parallel.
Characterization of low temperature GaAs antenna array terahertz emitters
We present a fabrication concept for photoconductive terahertz antenna arrays based on substrate-transferred thin films of low-temperature-grown GaAs semiconductor material. Adjacent array elements