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The Soviet Famine of 1932–1933 Reconsidered
Abstract Recent advances in research on the 1932–1933 Soviet famine, most notably the monograph by R. W. Davies and S. G. Wheatcroft [2004, The Years of Hunger: Soviet Agriculture, 1931–1933Expand
Inventing the Enemy: Denunciation and Terror in Stalin's Russia
Stalin's Great Terror is an extraordinarily complex event in which nearly one million people were deliberately murdered by the secret police (NKVD). Accounting for it is no easy task. In Inventing ...
Freedom and Terror in the Donbas: A Ukrainian-Russian Borderland, 1870s-1990s
Note on names Acknowledgment Introduction 1. Life on the wild field 2. Political development to 1914 3. War, revolution, and Civil War 4. The new economic policy 5. The Famine 6. The Great Terror 7.Expand
Russia after the war : hopes, illusions, and disappointments, 1945-1957
Part 1 Survival Strategy: The Social-Psychological Impact of the War Victory and the Victors "What Will Life be Like After the War?" - Expectation vs. Reality Hungry Years - Popular Methods DuringExpand
Stalin's Industrial Revolution: Politics and Workers, 1928-1932
This is the first political and social history in English of Stalin's industrial revolution during the first Five-Year Plan, 1928-1932. The rapid diversion of vast resources into industrializationExpand
Stalin's World: Dictating the Soviet Order
other words, Meyer demonstrates the way that Akçura’s institutional politics influenced articulation of a collective identity. But Meyer presents the question as divisible: ‘Concrete interests,Expand