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The X-Ray Observatory Suzaku
High-sensitivity wide-band X-ray spectroscopy is the key feature of the Suzaku X-ray observatory, launched on 2005 July 10. This paper summarizes the spacecraft, in-orbit performance, operations, andExpand
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Gravitationally redshifted emission implying an accretion disk and massive black hole in the active galaxy MCG–6–30–15
ACTIVE galactic nuclei and quasars are probably powered by the accretion of gas onto a supermassive black hole at the centre of the host galaxy1, but direct confirmation of the presence of a blackExpand
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The X-Ray Telescope onboard Suzaku
We present the design parameters, production process, and in-flight performance of the X-ray telescopes (XRTs) onboard Suzaku. The imaging capability is significantly improved over the ASCA XRT,Expand
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Intense 6.7-keV iron line emission from the Galactic Centre
THE Galactic Centre, although obscured by dust at optical wavelengths, is luminous in higher-energy radiation. Gamma-ray observations suggest that a large number of supernovae or novae, or a singleExpand
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The variable iron K emission line in MCG-6-30-15
We report on the variability of the iron K emission line in the Seyfert 1 galaxy MCG– 6-30-15 during a four-day ASCA observation. The line consists of a narrow core at an energy of about 6.4 keV, andExpand
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We show that the expansion of ejecta in Tycho's supernova remnant (SNR) is consistent with a spherically symmetric shell, based on Suzaku measurements of the Doppler broadened X-ray emission lines.Expand
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Discovery of a prominent cyclotron absorption feature from the transient X-ray pulsar X0331+53
A remarkable absorption feature at 28.5 keV, attributable to electron cyclotron resonance, has been discovered in the 1.9-60-keV X-ray spectrum of the recurrent transient X-ray pulsar X0331 + 53. TheExpand
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Optically thin hot plasma near the Galactic center : mapping observations of the 6.7 keV iron line
Les resultats des observations de la raie d'emission 6.7 keV par le satellite Ginga en direction du centre galactique sont presentes. Cette raie d'emission est attribuable au fer de type helium dansExpand
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Suzaku Observations of the Hard X-ray Variability of MCG-6-30-15: the Effects of Strong Gravity Around a Kerr Black Hole
Suzaku has, for the first time, enabled the hard X-ray variability of the Seyfert 1 galaxy MCG-6-30-15 to be measured. The variability in the 14-45 keV band, which is dominated by a strong reflectionExpand
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X-Ray Evidence for Seyfert Activity Buried in the Infrared Galaxy NGC 4945
We have observed the infrared galaxy NGC 4945 using the Japanese X-ray astronomy satellite, Ginga. The X-ray spectrum is found to be composed of three components: hard X-ray emission which is heavilyExpand
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