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ApproxMAP: Approximate Mining of Consensus Sequential Patterns
Conventional sequential pattern mining methods may meet inherent difficulties in mining databases with long sequences and noise. They may generate a huge number of short and trivial patterns but failExpand
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Former foster youth: Employment outcomes up to age 30
A youth's departure from home marks the beginning of adulthood. Studies of former foster youth who aged out of care showed that these youth generally had poor employment outcomes in the periodExpand
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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Mobile Health: App Investigation and Scoping Literature Review
Background Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a prevalent mental health issue among veterans. Access to PTSD treatment is influenced by geographic (ie, travel distance to facilities), temporalExpand
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Approximate mining of consensus sequential patterns
Sequential pattern mining finds interesting patterns in ordered lists of sets. The purpose is to find recurring patterns in a collection of sequences in which the elements are sets of items. MiningExpand
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Sequential Pattern Mining in Multi-Databases via Multiple Alignment
To efficiently find global patterns from a multi-database, information in each local database must first be mined and summarized at the local level. Then only the summarized information is forwardedExpand
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Social Genome: Putting Big Data to Work for Population Informatics
Data-intensive research using distributed, federated, person-level datasets in near real time has the potential to transform social, behavioral, economic, and health sciences--but issues aroundExpand
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Achieving Scalable Parallel Molecular Dynamics Using Dynamic Spatial Domain Decomposition Techniques
To achieve scalable parallel performance in molecular dynamics simulations, we have modeled and implemented several dynamic spatial domain decomposition algorithms. The modeling is based upon theExpand
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Social Welfare Program Administration and Evaluation and Policy Analysis Using Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) on Administrative Data
New technology in knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD) make it possible to extract valuable information from operational data. Private businesses already use the technology for betterExpand
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Predictors of Colorectal Cancer Screening: Does Rurality Play a Role?
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to explore the associations between sociodemographic factors such as residence, health care access, and colorectal cancer (CRC) screening among residents ofExpand
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Effects of Maternity Care Coordination on Pregnancy Outcomes: Propensity-Weighted Analyses
Care coordination services that link pregnant women to health-promoting resources, avoid duplication of effort, and improve communication between families and providers have been endorsed as aExpand
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