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The role of intestinal P-glycoprotein in the interaction of digoxin and rifampin.
Concomitant administration of rifampin reduced digoxin plasma concentrations substantially after oral administration but to a lesser extent after intravenous administration, and induction of intestinal P-gp could explain this new type of drug-drug interaction. Expand
New loci associated with kidney function and chronic kidney disease
The CKDGen consortium performed a meta-analysis of genome-wide association data in 67,093 individuals of European ancestry to identify new susceptibility loci for reduced renal function as estimated by serum creatinine, serum cystatin c and CKD. Expand
Meta-analysis identifies 13 new loci associated with waist-hip ratio and reveals sexual dimorphism in the genetic basis of fat distribution
A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for WHR adjusted for body mass index provides evidence for multiple loci that modulate body fat distribution independent of overall adiposity and reveal strong gene-by-sex interactions. Expand
Organic anion transporting polypeptide 2B1 is a high‐affinity transporter for atorvastatin and is expressed in the human heart
OATP2B1 expression in the human heart is examined and statins are described as inhibitors and substrates of OATP 2B1. Expand
Cohort profile: the study of health in Pomerania.
Henry Volzke, y Dietrich Alte,1y Carsten Oliver Schmidt, Dorte Radke, Roberto Lorbeer, Nele Friedrich, Nicole Aumann, Katharina Lau, Michael Piontek, Gabriele Born, Christoph Havemann, TillExpand
Differential induction of prehepatic and hepatic metabolism of verapamil by rifampin
Data indicate that prehepatic metabolism of verapamil (presumably in the gut wall) is preferentially induced compared with hepatic metabolism and that stereoselectivity of verAPamil metabolism is affected by induction. Expand
Associations between the oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) and affect, loneliness and intelligence in normal subjects
A role for the oxytocin receptor haplotypes in the generation of affectivity, emotional loneliness and IQ is supported, and polymorphisms of the OXTR rs53576, rs2254298 and rs2228485 are associated with positive affect, negative affect and emotional loneliness. Expand
Genetic Variants in Novel Pathways Influence Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease Risk
A genetic risk score based on 29 genome-wide significant variants was associated with hypertension, left ventricular wall thickness, stroke and coronary artery disease, but not kidney disease or kidney function, and these findings suggest potential novel therapeutic pathways for cardiovascular disease prevention. Expand
The role of human cytochrome P450 enzymes in the metabolism of anticancer agents: implications for drug interactions.
Although cyclosporin and calcium channel blockers may influence the pharmacokinetics of certain anticancer agents by inhibiting their CYP3A mediated metabolism, it is more likely that these P-glycoprotein inhibitors inhibit P- glycoprotein mediated drug elimination. Expand
Genetic associations at 53 loci highlight cell types and biological pathways relevant for kidney function
A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for estimated glomerular filtration rate suggests that genetic determinants of eGFR are mediated largely through direct effects within the kidney and highlight important cell types and biological pathways. Expand