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Cognitive Biases and Heuristics in Medical Decision Making
Background. The role of cognitive biases and heuristics in medical decision making is of growing interest. The purpose of this study was to determine whether studies on cognitive biases andExpand
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Fear of missing out: Relationships with depression, mindfulness, and physical symptoms.
Concerns have been raised regarding the extensive use of social media sites by young adults and adolescents and the effects this use may have on their mental health and general functioning. However,Expand
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Injunctive Norms and Alcohol Consumption: A Revised Conceptualization.
BACKGROUND Injunctive norms have been found to be important predictors of behaviors in many disciplines with the exception of alcohol research. This exception is likely due to a misconceptualizationExpand
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Social Network Factors and Addictive Behaviors Among College Students
Purpose of the ReviewThe purpose of this review was to provide an overview of studies within the past 5 years examining the impact of social network factors on addictive behaviors among collegeExpand
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Comorbidity of Alcohol and Gambling Problems in Emerging Adults: A Bifactor Model Conceptualization
Addictive disorders, such as pathological gambling and alcohol use disorders, frequently co-occur at greater than chance levels. Substantive questions stem from this comorbidity regarding the extentExpand
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Racial and Ethnic Differences in Problem Gambling among College Students
The college years are a formative period where the risk for development of problematic gambling is high. Research examining racial and ethnic differences in gambling behaviors has been limited andExpand
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The Epidemiology of Binge Drinking Among College-Age Individuals in the United States
Rates of alcohol consumption continue to be a concern, particularly for individuals who are college age. Drinking patterns have changed over time, with the frequency of binge drinking (consumingExpand
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Friends in low places: The impact of locations and companions on 21st birthday drinking.
The present research examined how various locations and companions were associated with hazardous drinking during 21st birthday celebrations. The sample included 912 college students (57% female) whoExpand
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Alcohol evaluations and acceptability: examining descriptive and injunctive norms among heavy drinkers.
OBJECTIVES This study assessed descriptive and injunctive norms, evaluations of alcohol consequences, and acceptability of drinking. METHODS Participants were 248 heavy-drinking undergraduatesExpand
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Framing Effects on Physicians' Judgment and Decision Making
This study aimed to assess physicians' susceptibility to framing effects in clinical judgment and decision making. A survey was administered online to 159 general internists in the United States.Expand
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