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Dirac: A Scientific Biography
Preface 1. Early years 2. Discovery of quantum mechanics 3. Relativity and spinning electrons 4. Travels and thinking 5. The dream of philosophers 6. Quanta and fields 7. Fifty years of a physicist's
Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time
two-beat conversational rhythm concerning time-usage (Françoise, always busy, again begging off, saying, “I’m only just going to see that my fire isn’t out.”). Likewise, in discussing nationalism in
Conceptions of Cosmos
Chemistry and Technology
A sense of history: History of science and the teaching of introductory quantum theory
This paper argues that some kind of historical perspective is a conditio sine qua non in the teaching of physics. Without a proper historical perspective the student will not experience physics as
Max Planck: the reluctant revolutionary
According to the standard story, which is unfortunately still found in many physics textbooks, quantum theory emerged when it was realized that classical physics predicts an energy distribution for