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Relation of cortical areas MT and MST to pursuit eye movements. I. Localization and visual properties of neurons.
1. Among the multiple extrastriate visual areas in monkey cerebral cortex, several areas within the superior temporal sulcus (STS) are selectively related to visual motion processing. In this seriesExpand
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Relation of cortical areas MT and MST to pursuit eye movements. II. Differentiation of retinal from extraretinal inputs.
1. We investigated cells in the middle temporal visual area (MT) and the medial superior temporal area (MST) that discharged during smooth pursuit of a dim target in an otherwise dark room. For eachExpand
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Representation of Angles Embedded within Contour Stimuli in Area V2 of Macaque Monkeys
Angles and junctions embedded within contours are important features to represent the shape of objects. To study the neuronal basis to extract these features, we conducted extracellular recordingsExpand
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Relation of cortical areas MT and MST to pursuit eye movements. III. Interaction with full-field visual stimulation.
1. Pursuit eye movements are usually made against a visual background that is moved across the retina by the pursuit movement. We have investigated the effect of this visual stimulation on theExpand
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Relating Neuronal Firing Patterns to Functional Differentiation of Cerebral Cortex
We detected intrinsic features of cortical firing by devising a metric that efficiently isolates non-Poisson irregular characteristics, independent of spike rate fluctuations that are caused extrinsically by ever-changing behavioral conditions. Expand
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The neural mechanisms of perceptual filling-in
  • H. Komatsu
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Nature Reviews Neuroscience
  • 1 March 2006
Filling-in is a perceptual phenomenon in which a visual attribute such as colour, brightness, texture or motion is perceived in a region of the visual field even though such an attribute exists onlyExpand
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Disparity sensitivity of neurons in monkey extrastriate area MST
We tested the disparity sensitivity of neurons from the medial superior temporal area (MST) in awake behaving monkeys. While the monkey looked at a fixation spot on a screen in front of it, randomExpand
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Transformation from image-based to perceptual representation of materials along the human ventral visual pathway
We found that the way visual information about materials is coded gradually changes from an image-based representation in early visual areas to a perceptual representation in the ventral higher-order visual areas. Expand
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A grid system and a microsyringe for single cell recording
The designs of two instruments are presented which have proven to be useful in single cell and chemical injection studies performed in awake monkeys. Expand
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Neural representation of the luminance and brightness of a uniform surface in the macaque primary visual cortex.
The perceived brightness of a surface is determined not only by the luminance of the surface (local information), but also by the luminance of its surround (global information). To better understandExpand
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