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Elevated ghrelin plasma levels in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.
Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common endocrine disorder in women. It is associated with hirsuitism, obesity, insulin resistance, abnormality in the growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor IExpand
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Nesfatin-1 inhibits proliferation and enhances apoptosis of human adrenocortical H295R cells.
NUCB2/nesfatin and its proteolytically cleaved product nesfatin-1 are recently discovered anorexigenic hypothalamic neuroproteins involved in energy homeostasis. It is expressed both centrally and inExpand
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Ghrelin ovarian cell expression in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome: an immunohistochemical evaluation.
INTRODUCTION The influence of ghrelin on different organs has been studied recently, e.g. in the regulation of pituitary hormone release, regulation of energy homeostasis, glucose metabolism andExpand
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Ghrelin concentrations in acromegalic patients in relation to the administered therapy.
OBJECTIVES Very little is still known about ghrelin in cases of GH hypersecretion. We decided to evaluate whether ghrelin concentrations in acromegalic patients differ according to the administeredExpand
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Differences in the psychological and hormonal presentation of lean and obese patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.
BACKGROUND Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrine disorders found in women of reproductive age. Differences in hormonal and metabolic profiles are observed in groups ofExpand
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Serum ghrelin levels and disturbances of the lipid profile in patients with acromegaly.
UNLABELLED It is unknown if altered ghrelin secretion might contribute to the development of metabolic complications in acromegaly. The AIM OF THE STUDY was to: 1) assess if serum concentrations ofExpand
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Primary hyperparathyroidism in pregnancy - a review of literature.
Hyperparathyroidism during pregnancy is diagnosed in 0.5-1.4% women and poses a serious challenge. Symptoms of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHP), namely fatigue, lethargy and proximal muscleExpand
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Influence of ghrelin on energy balance and endocrine physiology.
Ghrelin is an endogenous ligand of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor. It is mainly secreted by stomach cells but has also been shown to be present in the hypothalamus, pituitary, gonads andExpand
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Familial syndromes associated with neuroendocrine tumours
Neuroendocrine tumours may be associated with familial syndromes. At least eight inherited syndromes predisposing to endocrine neoplasia have been identified. Two of these are considered to be majorExpand
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The evaluation of ghrelin mRNA expression in human somatotroph adenomas.
Ghrelin is one of the peptides involved into GH-release, binding to specific GHS receptors on hypothalamus and pituitary. The ghrelin peptide and ghrelin mRNA have been detected in several regions ofExpand
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