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Marine Palaeobiogeography of the Central European Late Cretaceous
Late Cretaceous shallow marine mollusc assemblages show a distinct vertical differentiation into those of the inner and the outer shelf. The realms Theia (pro Tethys) and Kalais (pro Boreal,Expand
Survey of Paleozoic gastropods possibly belonging to the subclass Opisthobranchia
Characteristics of larval and mature shell can be used to distinguish opisthobranchs from prosobranchs, but separation is not always clear cut and data on early whorls is so limited and the genera so poorly understood that neither opistHobranch superfamily nor even possible opist hobranch relationships are confidently determined. Expand
A new look at the nature of the transitional layer at the K/T boundary near Gams, Eastern Alps, Austria, and the problem of the mass extinction of the biota
[1] The results of detailed biostratigraphic, lithological, isotopic–geochemical, and petromagnetic analysis of the sedimentary sequence at the Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary in the Gams area, EasternExpand
Distribution of gastropods within the Cretaceous Tethyan realm
Fossil assemblages of different geographical regions and within certain latitudes which are equivalent on the genus or family level indicate temperature-controlled realms in the geologic past.Expand
Cosmic dust and micrometeorites in the transitional clay layer at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary in the gams section (Eastern Alps): Morphology and chemical composition
Results of investigation of the cosmic matter in the transitional clay layer at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary in the Gams section, Eastern Alps, are presented. A great diversity of ironExpand
The K/T Boundary of Gams (Eastern Alps, Austria) and the Nature of Terminal Cretaceous Mass Extinction
1. The Gams stratigraphic sequence is characterized by a clearly pronounced transitional layer at the K/T boundary and many peculiarities of this layer were first studied. The lower part of theExpand
The gastropods from the Barremian of Serre de Bleyton (Drôme, SE France)
A diverse gastropod fauna of 66 taxa is recorded from Barremian deposits of Serre de Bleyton, SW of the village of Arnayon (Department Drome, France). Due to the unfavourable preservation of mostExpand
The extinct Nerineoidea and Acteonelloidea (Heterobranchia, Gastropoda): a palaeobiological approach
The Nerineoidea were shell draggers and probably deposit feeders with a semi- infaunal mode of life and the Acteonellidae genus Mexicotrochactaeon Akopjan, 1972 ranged upwards into the Late Maastrichtian. Expand
New aspects on Tethyan Cretaceous fossil assemblages
1. Cretaceous Tethys versus Mesogee.- 1.1. Kollmann. Heinz A.: Tethys - the evolution of an idea.- 1.2. Masse. Jean Pierre: The Lower Cretaceous Mesogee: A state of the art.- 2. Tethyan CretaceousExpand