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Patterns of positive and negative religious coping with major life stressors.
This study attempted to identify positive and negative patterns of religious coping methods, develop a brief measure of these religious coping patterns, and examine their implications for health and
The many methods of religious coping: development and initial validation of the RCOPE.
The results suggest that the RCOPE may be useful to researchers and practitioners interested in a comprehensive assessment of religious coping and in a more complete integration of religious and spiritual dimensions in the process of counseling.
Handbook of Religion and Health
This book, the first of its kind, reviews and discusses the full range of research on religion and a variety of mental and physical health outcomes. Based on this research, the authors build
Religion, Spirituality, and Health: The Research and Clinical Implications
  • H. Koenig
  • Psychology
    ISRN psychiatry
  • 16 December 2012
This paper provides a concise but comprehensive review of research on religion/spirituality (R/S) and both mental health and physical health. It is based on a systematic review of original data-based
Research on Religion, Spirituality, and Mental Health: A Review
  • H. Koenig
  • Psychology
    Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne…
  • 1 May 2009
Research on the relation between religion and (or) spirituality, and mental health, focusing on depression, suicide, anxiety, psychosis, and substance abuse is reviewed.
The Duke University Religion Index (DUREL): A Five-Item Measure for Use in Epidemological Studies
There is need for a brief measure of religiosity that can be included in epidemiological surveys to examine relationships between religion and health outcomes. The Duke University Religion Index
Concerns About Measuring “Spirituality” in Research
  • H. Koenig
  • Philosophy
    The Journal of nervous and mental disease
  • 1 May 2008
Either spirituality should be defined and measured in traditional terms as a unique, uncontaminated construct, or it should be eliminated from use in academic research.
Religion index for psychiatric research.
Spirituality and Health: What We Know, What We Need to Know
Spirituality and religion have been seen as beneficial, harmful, and irrelevant to health. We examine the recent research on this topic. We focus on (a) defining spirituality and religion both