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High Gamma Power Is Phase-Locked to Theta Oscillations in Human Neocortex
We observed robust coupling between the high- and low-frequency bands of ongoing electrical activity in the human brain. In particular, the phase of the low-frequency theta (4 to 8 hertz) rhythmExpand
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Five-dimensional neuroimaging: Localization of the time–frequency dynamics of cortical activity
The spatiotemporal dynamics of cortical oscillations across human brain regions remain poorly understood because of a lack of adequately validated methods for reconstructing such activity from noninvasive electrophysiological data. Expand
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Seizures and epileptiform activity in the early stages of Alzheimer disease.
IMPORTANCE Epileptic activity associated with Alzheimer disease (AD) deserves increased attention because it has a harmful impact on these patients, can easily go unrecognized and untreated, and mayExpand
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Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Word Processing in the Human Brain
We examined the spatiotemporal dynamics of word processing by recording the electrocorticogram (ECoG) from the lateral frontotemporal cortex of neurosurgical patients chronically implanted withExpand
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Emergent network topology at seizure onset in humans
Epilepsy - the world's most common serious brain disorder - is defined by recurrent unprovoked seizures that result from complex interactions between distributed neural populations. We explore someExpand
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Incidence and impact of subclinical epileptiform activity in Alzheimer's disease
Seizures are more frequent in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and can hasten cognitive decline. However, the incidence of subclinical epileptiform activity in AD and its consequences areExpand
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The Howling Cortex: Seizures and General Anesthetic Drugs
The true incidence of seizures caused by general anesthetic drugs is unknown. Abnormal movements are common during induction of anesthesia, but they may not be indicative of true seizures.Expand
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Spatiotemporal imaging of cortical activation during verb generation and picture naming
We recorded the electrocorticogram from indwelling electrodes over left hemisphere language cortices during two common language tasks, verb generation and picture naming. Expand
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Single-Trial Speech Suppression of Auditory Cortex Activity in Humans
The human auditory cortex is engaged in monitoring the speech of interlocutors as well as self-generated speech. During vocalization, auditory cortex activity is reported to be suppressed, an effectExpand
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Neocortical hyperexcitability in a human case of tuberous sclerosis complex and mice lacking neuronal expression of TSC1
To identify brain regions, cell types, or both that generate abnormal electrical discharge in tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). Here we examined excitatory and inhibitory synaptic currents in humanExpand
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