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World War and World Revolution: Alexander Helphand-Parvus in Germany and Turkey
The number of those who resist the tyranny of Russia, who take up arms and throw dynamite, increases every day. When the Russians rise up, the Ottomans must rise up too, and when the Ottomans riseExpand
Dersim Massacre, 1937-1938
A - Context In 1937-38, a military campaign took place against parts of the province of Tunceli, formerly Dersim, Turkey, that had not been (...)
Turkey beyond nationalism : towards post-nationalist identities
Introduction (Hans-Lukas Kieser) Part I. Turkish nationalism: the ideological weight of the founding period (1905-1938) 1 Turkism: the real force of the Young Turk party (Mehmed S. Hanioglu) 2 AnExpand
World War I and the end of the Ottomans : from the Balkan wars to the Armenian genocide
With the end of World War I, the centuries-old social fabric of the Ottoman world – an entangled space of religious co-existence throughout the Balkans and the Middle East – came to its definitiveExpand
Turkey beyond nationalism
Nearest East: American Millenialism and Mission to the Middle East
Acknowledgments Introduction 1 The United States and the Near East, circa 1800 2 A Quest for "Zion" and Peace on Earth: Mission to the Bible Lands 3 Dream and Trauma: Missionary America and YoungExpand
Mission as Factor of Change in Turkey (nineteenth to first half of twentieth century)
This article explores the complex role Protestant missionaries played in late Ottoman Asia Minor. For several generations they were important, even if today almost forgotten, actors of social andExpand
From “Patriotism” to Mass Murder