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The academic image of computer science
Students who graduate with degrees in computer science have thus achieved a broad scientific training in thei r career discipline as well as a n acceptable level of professiona l expertise. Expand
Computer generation of difference approximations
An algorithmic approach, based on the method of undetermined coefficients, for generating difference approximation to partial differential operators is presented here. The approach is based onExpand
A semi-numeric difference algorithm
Recent advances in symbolic computational systems have large impact on the development of mathematical software and one develops a symbolic system for solving a symbolic class of problems that has several advantages. Expand
Symbolic/numeric algorithms for partial differential equations
A two-phase procedure is described for automatically producing multiparameter families of difference approximations to the heat operator, using a truncated series expansion to form the appropriate difference operator. Expand
LINEAL: A System for Numerical Linear Algebra
Multiparameter families of difference approximations for the first initial boundary value problem for the heat equation in an arbitrary region
SummaryA symbolic technique is developed to automatically generate consistent multiparameter families of difference approximations to the heat equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions in arbitraryExpand
Elimination of Secularity in Regular Perturbation
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that some cases of secularity, and the special techniques required by its occurrence, can be avoided by the relatively simple device of introducing aExpand