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Synthesis of cyclobakuchiols A, B, and C by using conformation-controlled stereoselective reactions.
For the synthesis of cyclobakuchiol B, the enantiomer of the above cyclohexanone derived from (-)-β-pinene was converted to the cyclo hexane-carboxylate, and the derived enolate was subjected to the reaction with CH2=CHSOPh followed by sulfoxide elimination to afford the intermediate with the quaternary carbon center with MeOC(=O) and CH2 =CH groups in axial and equatorial positions.
Magnesium methoxide-induced chemiluminescent decomposition of bicyclic dioxetanes bearing a 2'-alkoxy-2-hydroxy-1,1'-binaphthyl-7-yl moiety.
Bicyclic dioxetanes 2a-c bearing a 2'-alkoxy-2-hydroxy-1,1'-binaphthyl-7-yl moiety were effectively synthesized and their base-induced chemiluminescent decomposition was investigated by the use of
Characteristic terahertz absorption spectra of paramylon and paramylon-ester compounds.
Metal catalyst-free substitution of allylic and propargylic phosphates with diarylmethyl anions.
Substitution of secondary allylic phosphates with the anions derived from Ar2CH2 with BuLi or LDA proceeded regioselectively and stereoselectively without a metal catalyst, affording inversion
Synthesis of the PMB ether of 5,6-epoxyisoprostane E2 through aldol reaction of the α-bromocyclopentanone.
5,6-Epoxyisoprostane E2 was synthesized via bromohydrination of the cyclopentene and aldol reaction of the α-bromocyclopentanone with the epoxyaldehyde with high regioselectivity with recrystallized NBS and pyridine in aqueous DMSO.