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Green neighbourhood : review on the international assessment systems
Abstract Neighbourhood is widely recognised as a fundamental building block of a city, and a good starting point to create a truly sustainable community. Green neighbourhood is also broadly defined
Quantifying the effects of general waste reduction on greenhouse-gas emissions at public facilities
Results of the study show that removing organic food waste from the landfill stream at 10 public facilities of the Council could reduce GHG emissions compared with landfilling the food waste by about 0.805 tCO2e/year, while separating plastic bags would offer another solution for waste reduction by jointing with the large program running in Australia.
Introduction to a quantitative method for assessment of visual impacts of Tehran Towers
Landscape arrangement significantly influences observer’s visual experience of the environment. Since measuring this qualitative experience is more based on personal judgments than mathematical
Tylenchida associated with field crops in Tehran and central provinces of Iran.
In this study 31 species belonging to 17 genesa of the order Tylenchida were identified and the validity of Filenchus cnealis, status of Irantylenchus clavidorus and also distribution of the most economically important species were discussed.
A greenhouse-gas emission reduction toolkit at urban scale
Abstract This paper presents a greenhouse-gas (GHG) emission reduction toolkit at an urban scale as a response to climate change local effects. Studies show that the most considerable amount of GHG
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Introduction to a Framework for Assessing Tourism Potential
As site selection is one of the most important stages in tourism development planning, this study provides the prospect of improved information for...
Feature-Based Comparison of International Green Neighbourhood Assessment Systems