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Hydration regulates thermodynamics of G-quadruplex formation under molecular crowding conditions.
The effect of molecular crowding on the structure and stability of biomolecules has become a subject of increasing interest because it can clarify how biomolecules behave under cell-mimickingExpand
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The effect of molecular crowding with nucleotide length and cosolute structure on DNA duplex stability.
The thermodynamics of DNA duplex structures in the presence of high concentrations of cosolutes in solution were investigated to discern nucleic acid structures and functions in living cells. In theExpand
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Facilitation of RNA enzyme activity in the molecular crowding media of cosolutes.
Short RNA sequences exhibiting the activity of a target RNA cleavage are promising for cellular gene regulation and biosensor research, but the reaction media different from an aqueous solution mayExpand
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Effect of secondary structure of short double-stranded RNA on RNAi efficiency.
The dangling nucleotides are very important for the RNA interference (RNAi). We investigate the effect of the dangling end on both the thermodynamic property of the RNA helix and efficiency of geneExpand
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Artificial G-wire switch with 2,2'-bipyridine units responsive to divalent metal ions.
Development of a guanine nanowire (G-wire) that is controllable and can be switched by external signals is important for the creation of molecular electronic technologies. Here, we constructed aExpand
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DNA-based biosensor for monitoring pH in vitro and in living cells.
DNA is a promising material for the construction of a biosensor or bioindicator because its structure is sensitive to the binding of cofactors. In the current studies, we found that a combination ofExpand
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Conformation and the sodium ion condensation on DNA and RNA structures in the presence of a neutral cosolute as a mimic of the intracellular media.
Water-soluble neutral cosolutes can be used to quantify biomolecular properties in the particular molecular environment occurring in a cell. We studied the conformation and the thermal stability ofExpand
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Hydration Regulates The Thermodynamic Stability Of Dna Structures Under Molecular Crowding Conditions
Although water is an integral part of DNA structures, the effects of water molecules on various DNA structures which are formed by not only Watson-Crick but also Hoogsteen base pairs are stillExpand
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Effects of Polyethylene Glycol on DNA Duplex Stability at Different NaCl Concentrations
Although the thermodynamic stability of ordered DNA is known to be affected by interactions with cations and water molecules, there is scarce quantitative information about the behavior of DNA unde...
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