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Expression of serotonin receptor mRNAs in blood vessels
Using RT‐PCR we distinguished mRNAs for all known G‐protein coupled serotonin receptors expressed in various rat and porcine blood vessels. Nearly all vessels expressed 5HT1 dβ, 5‐HT2A, 5‐HT2B,Expand
A review of the evidence for the canonical Wnt pathway in autism spectrum disorders
Microdeletion and microduplication copy number variations are found in patients with autism spectrum disorder and in a number of cases they include genes that are involved in the canonical WntExpand
Molecular pharmacology of 5-HT1 and 5-HT2 recognition sites in rat and pig brain membranes: radioligand binding studies with [3H]5-HT, [3H]8-OH-DPAT, (-)[125I]iodocyanopindolol, [3H]mesulergine and
The pharmacological characteristics of the binding of [3H]8-OH-DPAT ([3H]8-hydroxy-2(di-n-propylamino)tetralin, [125I]CYP ((-)[125I]iodocyanopindolol) (in the presence of 30 microM (-)isoprenaline)Expand
Characterization of the 5-HT1B recognition site in rat brain: binding studies with (-)[125I]iodocyanopindolol.
(-)[125I]Iodocyanopindolol ([125I]CYP) labels rat brain membrane sites which display high affinity for several serotonergic and beta-adrenergic compounds. The binding of [125I]CYP to theseExpand
Translocator Protein (18 kD) as Target for Anxiolytics Without Benzodiazepine-Like Side Effects
Keeping Calm Benzodiazepines are the most prescribed anxiolytics and are used by a broad population. However, benzodiazepines can cause unwanted side effects, including sedation, development ofExpand
Activation of Meningeal 5‐HT2B Receptors: An Early Step in the Generation of Migraine Headache?
Several pharmaceuticals are frequently dispensed to prevent or reduce the occurrence of migraine attacks. The prophylactic effect of these drugs has been suggested to be caused through blockade ofExpand
Cloning and functional characterization of the rat stomach fundus serotonin receptor.
A DNA segment homologous to the third exons of the serotonin 1C and 2 receptor genes was isolated from a mouse genomic library. The positions of the introns flanking these exons were conserved in theExpand
alpha2C-Adrenoceptor blockade by clozapine and other antipsychotic drugs.
The noradrenergic system may play a role in antipsychotic modulation of schizophrenia symptoms. Therefore, the antagonistic potencies of the antipsychotics clozapine, chlorpromazine, risperidone,Expand
(+)-cis-4,5,7a,8,9,10,11,11a-octahydro-7H-10-methylindolo[1,7- bc][2,6]-naphthyridine: a 5-HT2C/2B receptor antagonist with low 5-HT2A receptor affinity.
The indolonaphthyridine 8 is described as a selective 5-HT2C/2B vs 5-HT2A receptor antagonist. The compound was synthesized in seven steps starting from indoline and isonicotinic acid chloride. TheExpand
Extended Radioligand Binding Profile of Iloperidone: A Broad Spectrum Dopamine/Serotonin/Norepinephrine Receptor Antagonist for the Management of Psychotic Disorders
Iloperidone is a novel psychotropic compound currently undergoing Phase III trials. Its affinity for human dopamine and 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C receptors has been reported previously (Kongsamut et al.Expand