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The Paleozoic Eumalacostraca
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Thermal Alteration of Silica Minerals: An Archeological Approach
Extensive experiments indicate that the application of heat to flint materials may have conferred an advantage to primitive man in the manufacture of chipped-stone implements. When Florida cherts areExpand
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The Early Man Site at Warm Mineral Springs, Florida
AbstractAn excavation in stratified sediment more than 13 m. below the present surface of Warm Mineral Springs in Florida has yielded human remains 10,000 years old. Samples of wood from the sameExpand
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On the Fossil Anaspidacea, With a Revision of the Classification of the Syncarida
[Redescription des syncarides fossiles de l'hemisphere sud, c. a d., Clarkecaris brasilicus (Clarke) et Anaspides? antiquus (Chilton), pour lequel est cree un nouveau genre, Anaspidites. Des erreursExpand
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Origin and Hydrology of Orange Lake, Santa Fe Lake, and Levys Prairie Lakes of North-Central Peninsular Florida
The water table in the Ocala limestone is the local base level of erosion in southeastern Alachua County. The basin of Orange Lake has developed in that area as a result of the erosion of insolubleExpand
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A chitinous phyllocarid carapace, Pseudoarctolepis sharpi, n. gen., n. sp., is described from the Wheeler shale of Utah. Anterior and posterior dorsal proc- esses of the carapace suggest a commonExpand
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Pyrgoima Prefloridanum, a New Species of Cirriped From the Caloosahatchee Marl (Pleistocene) of Florida
[Une nouvelle espece de Balane epizoaire, Pyrgoma prefloridanum n. sp., est decrite des marnes de Caloosahatchee, du Pleistocene, en Floride du Sud. Cette espece fossile presente des degres variablesExpand
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Age of the Florida Marine Terraces
Topographic features produced by prolonged stands of sea level are recognized at elevations of 215-250 and 90-100 feet. Stratigraphic evidence indicates that the 215-250-foot shore line was occupiedExpand
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