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Changes in the functional constituents and phytic acid contents of firiks produced from wheats at different maturation stages.
Three different wheat cultivars (Bezostaya, Eser and Cesit-1252) at four maturity stages were processed into firik which is a whole wheat-based ethnic food by using traditional cooking method. SomeExpand
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Effects of wheat maturation stage and cooking method on physical and chemical properties of firiks
In this study, samples of two durum wheat cultivars at different maturation stages (13, 16, 19, 22, 25 days post anthesis) were processed into firik using two different cooking processes: roastingExpand
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Future of Grain Science Series: Grain Science and Industry in Turkey: Past, Present, and Future
Although cereal grains such as rice, corn, rye, oats, and barley are consumed as foods in Turkey, wheat is the most commonly consumed cereal grain. Therefore, this article focuses primarily on wheat,Expand
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Zinc-supplemented bread and its utilization in zinc deficiency
Zinc acetate supplementation of wheat flour affected the flour's rheological properties and baking quality only at very high zinc addition levels. Sensory properties of breads were acceptable. WhenExpand
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Extraction of soluble β-glucan from oat and barley fractions: Process efficiency and dispersion stability
Abstract This study comprises laboratory-scale extraction of soluble β-glucan (BG) from oat (16 and 32% BG) and barley (12 and 32% BG) fractions, investigation of chemical composition and stabilityExpand
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Production and characterisation of resistant starch and its utilisation as food ingredient: a review
Starch is the storage carbohydrate in plants and also the largest source of carbohydrates in human food. Starch and starchy food products can be classified according to their digestibility as rapidlyExpand
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Assessing food additives: the good, the bad and the ugly
Introduction The efficiency of analytical methods for the determination of food additives is of utmost importance since their content in food affects both quality and safety of foods. Objective TheExpand
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Effect of different resistant starch sources and wheat bran on dietary fibre content and in vitro glycaemic index values of cookies
Abstract Cross-linked starches produced in lab-scale from corn and wheat starches with TDF contents of 80.4% and 83.6% were used in cookie formulation to obtain high fibre and low glycaemic indexExpand
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In vitro glycemic index, bile acid binding capacity and mineral bioavailability of spaghetti supplemented with resistant starch type 4 and wheat bran
Abstract In this study effects of resistant starch type 4 (RS4) on nutritional and quality properties of spaghetti were investigated. RS4 was added into spaghetti at different levels (15, 20 andExpand
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Effect of steam explosion on enzymatic hydrolysis and baking quality of wheat bran
Abstract In this study, the effect of steam explosion (SE) treatment on microstructure, enzymatic hydrolysis and baking quality of wheat bran was investigated. Coarse and fine bran were treated atExpand
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