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The aldolase-binding site of the human erythrocyte membrane is at the NH2 terminus of band 3.
Band 3 is the predominant membrane-spanning polypeptide and the mediator of anion transport in the human erythrocyte. In addition, it provides the sites of association for fructose 1,6-bisphosphateExpand
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Hemoglobin binds to the amino-terminal 23-residue fragment of human erythrocyte band 3 protein.
Hemoglobin, aldolase and glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase are known to bind to the cytoplasmic domain of band 3 protein. Binding of glycolytic enzymes to band 3 protein is inhibited by itsExpand
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Interaction of hemoglobin with band 3: A review
SummaryThe oxygen transport protein hemoglobin interacts specifically and reversibly with the red cell membrane. pH and ionic strength dependence of these interactions indicate their electrostaticExpand
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[Virus proteins. IV. Constitution of the coat protein of the fd phage].
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[On the phylogeny of the hemoglobin molecule: studies on hemoglobin in swine].
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[Constitution of the coat protein of bacteriophage fd].