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Faith-based Schools and State Funding: A partial argument
It is frequently asserted that some public services, including the provision of schooling, might with advantage be committed, together with appropriate financial assistance, to voluntary faith-based
The Muslim Headscarf and French Schools
  • H. Judge
  • Education
    American Journal of Education
  • 1 November 2004
The particular circumstances of French history explain why that nation has adopted an unusually severe policy in attempting to suppress the wearing in schools of the Muslim headscarf. The long
The Images of Teachers
Abstract Cross‐national studies are often more illuminating by the contrasts which they offer, rather than by (often superficial) comparisons and analogies. This principle is illustrated in a three
Religion and the State: The Case of Faith–based Schools
It is always misleading, and sometimes dangerous, to suppose that the current problems represent no more than a recapitulation of earlier and intractable difficulties. An inhibiting sense of deja vu
Peoples and cultures
60 specialists have contributed the 2200 entries under the guidance of 40 expert advisers. The entries are arranged alphabetically and range in length from 60 to 1000 words. Subjects covered include
Dilemmas in education.
  • H. Judge
  • Education
    Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and…
  • 1 April 1981
Cross-National Perceptions of Teachers
  • H. Judge
  • Education
    Comparative Education Review
  • 1 May 1988
Public perceptions of teachers and of their place in society vary, sometimes in dramatic ways, between one country and another. A study of such variations is likely to generate new insights into
Faith-based Schools and the State: Catholics in America, France and England
This book examines a more complex subject than the title suggests, but it is made even more complex by the way that this study is presented. Having said that, it is an excellent piece of work and