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Effect of Toluene and Nutritional Status on Serotonin, Lipid Peroxidation Levels and NA+/K+-ATPase in Adult Rat Brain
The results suggest that high concentrations of toluene in single doses induce significant changes in the serotonergic system and alter membrane fluidity more perceptibly in the brain of adult animals with regular diet than in malnourished animals. Expand
A reliable method of liquid chromatography for the quantification of acetaminophen and identification of its toxic metabolite N-acetyl-p-benzoquinoneimine for application in pediatric studies.
The present method can be used to monitor acetaminophen levels using 100 µL plasma samples, which may be helpful when very small samples need to be analyzed, as in pharmacokinetics determination or drug monitoring in plasma in children. Expand
Effect of toluene and cresols on Na+,K+-ATPase, and serotonin in rat brain.
It can be concluded that toluene and all cresols groups may increase lipid peroxidation and consequently induce changes in membrane fluidity. Expand
Pyridoxine, regardless of serotonin levels, increases production of 5-hydroxytryptophan in rat brain.
Results suggest that pyridoxine plays a role in tryptophan metabolism, increasing production of 5-HTP. Expand
Different types of cancer in children and their treatments in a Mexican pediatric hospital
A retrospective study on the knowledge of different types of cancer in pediatric population and the chemotherapies used for their treatment in a third level pediatric hospital in Mexico finds oncological conditions are more common in boys than in girls with LAL being the most frequent in both sexes. Expand
A Simple Method to Measure Plasma Levels of Propafenone with Fluorescence Detection
The aim of the present study was to develop a simple method to measure plasma levels of propafenone by liquid chromatography with a C18 reverse-phase column and fluorescence detection, withoutExpand
Influence of nutritional status on the pharmacokinetics of acetylsalicylic acid and its metabolites in children with autoimmune disease.
A decrease in the hydrolysis and oxidative reactions of the metabolic pathway of ASA and its metabolites in underweight children is suggested, illustrating the need for pharmacokinetic data to establish the individual doses of drugs, particularly in conditions that alter nutritional status. Expand
Effects of a Cyclooxygenase-2 Preferential Inhibitor in Young Healthy Dogs Exposed to Air Pollution: A Pilot Study
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may offer limited neuroprotection in the setting of severe air pollution exposures in healthy children, young adults, and dogs. Expand
Determination of Dextromethorphan and Dextrorphan in Human Urine by High Performance Liquid Chromatography for Pharmacogenetic Investigations
The aim of the present study was to develop a sensitive method to measure dextromethorphan and dextrorphan in urine by HPLC to support pharmacogenetic studies in ethnic groups. Linearity was assessedExpand
Comparative effects of catechin, epicatechin and N-Ω-nitroarginine on quinolinic acid-induced oxidative stress in rat striatum slices.
The antioxidant properties exhibited by these molecules on the excitotoxic model tested herein support an active role of glutathione and prompt their use as therapeutic tools in models of neurodegenerative disorders. Expand