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Interim Guidelines for Management of Abnormal Cervical Cytology
THE INCIDENCE of and mortality from cervical cancer in the United States have decreased dramatically over the past 40 years, in part because of early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancerExpand
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The age of occurrence of gonadal tumors in intersex patients with a Y chromosome.
A total of 320 intersex patients with a Y chromosome were classified into four groups; (1) gonadal dysgenesis, (2) asymmetrical gonadal differentiation, (3) virilizing male hermaphroditism and (4)Expand
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Fertility treatments and multiple births in the United States.
BACKGROUND The advent of fertility treatments has led to an increase in the rate of multiple births in the United States. However, the trends in and magnitude of the contribution of fertilityExpand
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Cumulative pregnancy rates for in vitro fertilization.
Data on 575 couples undergoing 1057 consecutive cycles of in vitro fertilization (IVF) were used to calculate cumulative pregnancy rates for repeated IVF cycles. Excluding preclinical abortions andExpand
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The early days of IVF outside the UK.
In this article the history of IVF in geographical regions outside the UK are traced by pioneers of that time. Following the birth of Louise Brown in 1978, live births after IVF occurred in AustraliaExpand
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Refuting a misguided campaign against the goal of single-embryo transfer and singleton birth in assisted reproduction.
Much recent progress has been made by assisted reproductive technology (ART) professionals toward minimizing the incidence of multiple pregnancy following ART treatment. While a healthy singletonExpand
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Significantly enhanced pregnancy rates per cycle through cryopreservation and thaw of pronuclear stage oocytes.
OBJECTIVE To examine the results of a 5-year trial using cryopreservation to limit multiple pregnancy and optimize overall pregnancy per cycle. DESIGN Retrospective clinical evaluation of pregnancyExpand
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Revised American Fertility Society classification of endometriosis: 1985.
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The program for in vitro fertilization at Norfolk.
Several aspects of the program of in vitro fertilization (IVF), or, as it is called in Norfolk, the program for the Vital Initiation of Pregnancy (VIP), have been or are in the process ofExpand
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Fertilization and in vitro development of cryopreserved human prophase I oocytes.
OBJECTIVE To determine the potential for in vitro maturation, fertilization, and cleavage after cryopreservation of immature, prophase I human oocytes. DESIGN Immature oocytes obtained in excess ofExpand
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