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The phase probability distribution of general Clarke model and its application in Doppler shift estimator
The phase probability density function (PDF) of the channel coefficients is analyzed for general Clarke channel model, and the close-form expressions are obtained under the von Mises/TikhonovExpand
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A scheme for the Doppler shift estimation despite the power control in mobile communication systems
The characteristics of phase difference in a time-varying channel are analyzed then the Doppler shift of the multi-path channel is estimated by calculating the expectation of the square phase difference of the channel coefficient estimates on the effective fingers. Expand
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An Adaptive Doppler Shift Estimator in Mobile Communication Systems
In this paper, an adaptive Doppler shift estimator based on the square envelope autocorrelation function of the mobile propagation channel is proposed. Furthermore, the proposed estimator exploitsExpand
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Determination of trace silver in superalloys and steels by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry
Abstract A method is described for determination of silver in superalloys and steels by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. The interferences of 91 Zr 16 O + and 93 Nb 16 O + on silver wereExpand
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Effects of water gradients on soil enzyme activity and active organic carbon composition under Carex lasiocarpa marsh
The responses of soil enzyme activity of freshwater marsh, microbial biomass carbon (MBC), dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and aboveground biomass to water gradients were studied with Carex lasiocarpaExpand
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Assessing the factors influencing the performance of constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell integration.
Constructed wetland coupled microbial fuel cell (CW-MFC) systems integrate an aerobic zone and an anaerobic zone to treat wastewater and to generate bioenergy. The concept evolves based on theExpand
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In-situ growth of ZnO globular on g-C3N4 to fabrication binary heterojunctions and their photocatalytic degradation activity on tetracyclines
Abstract The zinc oxide/graphitic carbon nitride (ZnO/g-C3N4) heterostructured nanocomposite was successfully synthesized by a facile two-step process involving thermal condensation of melamine andExpand
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