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A proposal for a new classification of pes anserinus morphology
The planning of surgical procedures may be improved by the proposed morphological classification of the pes anserinus, which was highly variable and often had accessory bands that would complicate the harvesting process. Expand
Protective and Predisposing Morphological Factors in Suprascapular Nerve Entrapment Syndrome: A Fundamental Review Based on Recent Observations
The aim of this article was to review the anatomical factors influencing the occurrence of SNES in the light of the newest reports, and to propose a protective function of the anterior coracoscapular ligament. Expand
Anatomical variations of the palmaris longus muscle including its relation to the median nerve – a proposal for a new classification
A new morphological classification of palmaris longus muscle types allows a better characterization of its diversity and may be useful in planning tendon grafting. Expand
The Influence of Suprascapular Notch Shape on the Visualization of Structures in the Suprascapular Notch Region: Studies Based on a New Four-Stage Ultrasonographic Protocol
A group of 120 patients underwent ultrasound examination of the suprascapular notch region according to the original four-stage “step-by-step” protocol, finding notches containing both suprASCapular nerve and vein were significantly wider and shallower than average. Expand
A quantitative study of the arrangement of the suprascapular nerve and vessels in the suprascapular notch region: new findings based on parametric analysis.
Although the aSTSL, aACSL and aSSN varied according to the type of SN and vessel arrangement, coefficient analysis indicated that combined effect of these variations did not significantly affect SSN morphology. Expand
Morphological Aspects in Ultrasound Visualisation of the Suprascapular Notch Region: A Study Based on a New Four-Step Protocol
The suprascapular artery is the best sonographic landmark for the suprASCapular notch region and recognition of the SSN morphology is not affected by the BMI. Expand