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Seafaring stressors aboard merchant and passenger ships
Objectives:The aim of this study was to identify stressors in seafaring aboard merchant and passenger vessels. Furthermore, their dependence on occupational and non-occupational factors wasExpand
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The risk of coronary heart disease of seafarers on vessels sailing under a German flag.
BACKGROUND This study aimed to predict the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) among seafarers on German-flagged vessels and to assess the association of shipboard job duration at sea with the riskExpand
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Coronary risks among seafarers aboard German-flagged ships
ObjectivesCardiovascular diseases belong to the major causes of maritime service disablement (approximately 18%). The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency of coronary risk factors inExpand
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Merchant seafaring: a changing and hazardous occupation
### What this paper adds Currently, the world's merchant fleet encompasses more than 50 000 vessels.1 Approximately 90% of the goods traded worldwide are transported by sea; international transportExpand
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Overview and prospect: food and nutrition of seafarers on merchant ships.
During stay on board, seafarers have limited influence on quality and quantity of food over several months. Furthermore, the nutrition on board is characterised by different dietary habits in theExpand
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Cultural differences in food and shape related attitudes and eating behavior are associated with differences of Body Mass Index in the same food environment: cross-sectional results from the Seafarer
BackgroundOverweight and obesity is quite prevalent among seafarers. The present study examined differences in BMI and their association with weight, shape and nutrition related attitudes andExpand
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Physical influences on seafarers are different during their voyage episodes of port stay, river passage and sea passage: A maritime field study
Introduction During a sea voyage, crew members of vessels are permanently exposed to physical stress caused by noise, vibration and heat. This study aims to describe the extent of the physicalExpand
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Stress and Strain among Seafarers Related to the Occupational Groups
The present study analyses whether the stress and strain experienced by seafarers differ between the various occupational groups on board container ships. In a maritime field study, 323 sailors on 22Expand
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Stress and strain among merchant seafarers differs across the three voyage episodes of port stay, river passage and sea passage
Background A sea voyage is characterized by a variety of work requirements for the ship's crew, basically reflected in three voyage episodes: port stay, river passage and sea passage. The primary aimExpand
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Food offerings on board and dietary intake of European and Kiribati seafarers - cross-sectional data from the seafarer nutrition study -
BackgroundOverweight and cardiovascular risk factors are a common phenomenon in seafarers. According to internal observation particularly crew members from the Pacific Island State of Kiribati areExpand
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