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Mathematical modeling of prostate cancer progression in response to androgen ablation therapy
Prostate cancer progression depends in part on the complex interactions between testosterone, its active metabolite DHT, and androgen receptors. In a metastatic setting, the first line of treatmentExpand
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The molecular basis of synergism between carboplatin and ABT-737 therapy targeting ovarian carcinomas.
Resistance to standard chemotherapy (carboplatin + paclitaxel) is one of the leading causes of therapeutic failure in ovarian carcinomas. Emergence of chemoresistance has been shown to be mediated inExpand
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Quantification of endothelial cell–targeted anti–Bcl-2 therapy and its suppression of tumor growth and vascularization
Proapoptotic and antiapoptotic proteins in the Bcl family are key regulators of programmed cell death. It is the interaction between these molecules that determines cellular response to apoptoticExpand
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A confidence building exercise in data and identifiability: Modeling cancer chemotherapy as a case study.
Mathematical modeling has a long history in the field of cancer therapeutics, and there is increasing recognition that it can help uncover the mechanisms that underlie tumor response to treatment.Expand
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Exploiting the Synergy between Carboplatin and ABT-737 in the Treatment of Ovarian Carcinomas
Platinum drug-resistance in ovarian cancers mediated by anti-apoptotic proteins such as Bcl-xL is a major factor contributing to the chemotherapeutic resistance of recurrent disease. Consequently,Expand
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Mathematical Modeling of Cellular Cross-Talk Between Endothelial and Tumor Cells Highlights Counterintuitive Effects of VEGF-Targeted Therapies
Tumor growth and progression are critically dependent on the establishment of a vascular support system. This is often accomplished via the expression of pro-angiogenic growth factors, includingExpand
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Optimization and Decision-Making in Relation to Rainfall for Crop Management Techniques
Disease prediction has a high degree of uncertainty which is due to the complex and imperfect nature of symptoms that are used in diagnosis. Diseases continue to be a threat to crop yield andExpand
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Modeling the VEGF–Bcl-2–CXCL8 Pathway in Intratumoral Agiogenesis
Abstract Recent experiments show that vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is the crucial mediator of downstream events that ultimately lead to enhanced endothelial cell survival and increasedExpand
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Level of endothelial cell apoptosis required for a significant decrease in microvessel density.
Endothelial cell apoptosis plays a critical role in the disruption of blood vessels mediated by natural inhibitors of angiogenesis and by anti-vascular drugs. However, the proportion of endothelialExpand
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Modeling prostate cancer response to continuous versus intermittent androgen ablation therapy
Due to its dependence on androgens, metastatic prostate cancer is typically treated with continuous androgen ablation. However, such therapy eventually fails due to the emergence ofExpand
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