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The''echo state''approach to analysing and training recurrent neural networks
The report introduces a constructive learning algorithm for recurrent neural networks, which modifies only the weights to output units in order to achieve the learning task. Expand
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Harnessing Nonlinearity: Predicting Chaotic Systems and Saving Energy in Wireless Communication
We present a method for learning nonlinear systems, echo state networks (ESNs). Expand
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Reservoir computing approaches to recurrent neural network training
Echo State Networks and Liquid State Machines introduced a new paradigm in artificial recurrent neural network (RNN) training, where an RNN (the reservoir) is generated randomly and only a readout is trained. Expand
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Adaptive Nonlinear System Identification with Echo State Networks
  • H. Jaeger
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • NIPS
  • 2002
This article reviews the basic ideas and describes an online adaptation scheme based on the RLS algorithm known from adaptive linear systems. Expand
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Optimization and applications of echo state networks with leaky- integrator neurons
We present stability conditions, introduce and investigate a stochastic gradient descent method for the optimization of the global learning parameters (input and output feedback scalings, leaking rate, spectral radius) and demonstrate the usefulness of leaky-integrator ESNs for learning very slow dynamic systems. Expand
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Observable Operator Models for Discrete Stochastic Time Series
  • H. Jaeger
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Neural Computation
  • 1 June 2000
This article provides a novel, simple characterization of linearly dependent processes, called observable operator models. Expand
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Re-visiting the echo state property
We use analytical examples to show that a widely used criterion for the ESP, the spectral radius of the weight matrix being smaller than unity, is not sufficient to satisfy the echo state property. Expand
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Controlling Recurrent Neural Networks by Conceptors
The human brain is a dynamical system whose extremely complex sensor-driven neural processes give rise to conceptual, logical cognition. Expand
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Long Short-Term Memory in Echo State Networks: Details of a Simulation Study
We expose ESNs to a series of synthetic benchmark tasks that have been used in the literature to study the learnability of long-range temporal dependencies. Expand
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Echo state network
  • H. Jaeger
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • Scholarpedia
  • 6 September 2007
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