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The pharyngoesophageal sphincter.
It is stated that some investigators have confused the two sets of circular fibers of the cricopharyngeus muscle, those of the l... Expand
The superior vena cava obstruction syndrome in bronchogenic carcinoma; pathologic physiology and therapeutic management.
In the experience with a series of 38 patients, roentgen therapy and/or nitrogen mustard5 have provided a striking degree of palliation and prolongation of useful activity in a majority of cases. Expand
Nine cases in patients with known Parkinson's disease in whom megacolon developed presented clinically with intestinal obstruction, with massive dilatation of the colon occurring in these patients and presenting a clinical picture identical to that of mechanical bowel obstruction. Expand
Basilar impression and platybasia in Paget's disease.
Basilar impression may be defined as an abnormal cephalad invagination of the foramen magnum region as determined by the relation of the odontoid process to Chamberlain's line (1), which is drawn from the posterior margin of the hard palate to the posteriormargin of theForam magnum on the lateral roentge. Expand
Protrusio acetabuli in rheumatoid arthritis.
It soon became evident that the cases fell into two large categories: (a) those in which no evidence of focal hip disease was present and in which protrusions usually were bilateral; (b) cases in which primary focal hip Disease was clearly manifest and inWhich the protrusio was usually unilateral. Expand
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As a general rule the concept is accepted in this complex society that certain personality traits define the individual who has proved to be highly successful in a major endeavor in the businessExpand
Renal papillary necrosis with special reference to chronic alcoholism. A report of 20 cases.
A study of the clinical and pathological aspects of liver disease in patients with chronic alcoholism found that acute renal failure due to papillary necrosis occurred in a significant number of patients, but none of the patients had diabetes mellitus, urinary tract obstruction, or a history of excessive use of analgesics. Expand
Bizarre pulmonary roentgenographic manifestations in heart disease.
Four cases of chronic heart disease manifesting rather unusual and interesting chest roentgenographic findings are presented, such that the exact diagnosis by x-ray examination was not made initially, and only the subsequent course and autopsy findings established the true nature of the changes noted. Expand