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Efficient simultaneous production of biodiesel and glycerol carbonate via statistical optimization
Abstract The purpose of this study was to simultaneously produce biodiesel and glycerol carbonate. Glycerol carbonate is a high-value material that could be obtained from glycerol. Response surfaceExpand
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식용식물자원으로부터 활성물질의 탐색 - XIV. : 사자발쑥(Artemisia herba)의 전초로부터 flavonoid 화합물의 분리
사자발쑥의 전초를 80% MeOH 용액으로 추출하고, 추출물을 EtOAc, n-BuOH 및 물로 분배, 추출하였다. 이 중 EtOAc 분획을 silica gel과 octadecylsilica gel(ODS) column chromatography로 정제하여 4종의 화합물을 분리하였다. 각 화합물의 화학구조는 NMR, MS 및 IR 등의 스펙트럼 데이터를Expand
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Collisional quenching of vibrationally excited methyl-substituted pyrazine and pyridine series by CO2
Abstract Collisional quenching of vibrationally excited methyl-substituted pyrazine and pyridine molecules by CO 2 has been investigated using the infrared emission of C–H stretching vibrations inExpand
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Ruminant Nutrition: Fats, Fatty Acids, Oils, and Glycerin Supplementation II
TH37 Comparison of direct transesterification and extraction procedures to analysis the fatty acid composition in the rumen contents. S. P. Alves*1,2, A. R. J. Cabrita3, A. J. M. Fonseca4, J. A. M.Expand
Cribrilinidae (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) of Korea.
The cribrilinid Bryozoa of Korea are described for the first time. Eight species are recognized, distributed in five genera: Cribrilina, Reginella, Jullienula, Figularia and Puellina. JuxtacribrilinaExpand
Figures 34–35 In Cribrilinidae (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) Of Korea
FIGURES 34–35. Puellina hincksi (Friedl), SE Wan Island, South Sea. 34, autozooids, ovicellate zooid and interzooidal avicularium; 35, autozooidal and ovicellate orifices. FIGURES 36–38. PuellinaExpand
Sixteen new generic records of Korean Bryozoa from southern coastal waters and Jeju Island, East China Sea: evidence of tropical affinities.
The first records of 16 genera of cheilostome Bryozoa not previously reported for Korea are given here. All are from southern coastal waters, especially Jeju Island, which appears to be Korea'sExpand
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