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A dual function of phyllopod in Drosophila external sensory organ development: cell fate specification of sensory organ precursor and its progeny.
During Drosophila external sensory organ development, one sensory organ precursor (SOP) arises from a proneural cluster, and undergoes asymmetrical cell divisions to produce an external sensory (es)Expand
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Screening of BRCA1 Mutation Using Immunohistochemical Staining with C‐Terminal and N‐Terminal Antibodies in Familial Ovarian Cancers
We examined the subcellular localization of BRCA1 proteins using immunohistochemical staining with C‐terminal (GLK‐2 antibody) and N‐terminal (Ab‐2 antibody) monoclonal antibodies in 44 familialExpand
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[The expression of c-myc protein in uterine cervical cancer: a possible prognostic indicator].
  • H. J. Wu
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  • Nihon Sanka Fujinka Gakkai zasshi
  • 1996
Forty-eight cases of human uterine cervical cancer were examined for the expression of c-myc protein by immunohistochemical staining. The overexpression of c-myc was detected in 17 of 48 cases (35%),Expand
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Mutational analysis of the estrogen receptor‐α gene in familial ovarian cancer
Aim: The genetic region of 6q25 containing the estrogen receptor‐α (ER‐α) gene is lost in a significant number of ovarian tumors. The aim of this study was to identify how inherited variation in theExpand
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[Determination of human autologous rosette-forming cells and its clinical significance].
[Antigen presentation of human B lymphocytes on BCG particulate antigen].
The possibility of human B lymphocytes to process and present BCG particulate antigen to BCG specific T cell line was studied. It was found that about 6% of B cells after incubated with BCG for 24 h,Expand
[A preliminary study on immune complexes in myasthenia gravis].
The levels of circulating immune complex from 43 patients with myasthenia gravis (MG) and 50 normal controls were detected by using ELISA based on bovine conglutinin. The levels of circulating immuneExpand
[Effect of PHA on immune response of rabbits to S. typhoid "O" antigen].