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Progressive Strategies for Monte-Carlo Tree Search
Two progressive strategies for MCTS are introduced, called progressive bias and progressive unpruning, which enable the use of relatively time-expensive heuristic knowledge without speed reduction.
Parallel Monte-Carlo Tree Search
Three parallelization methods for MCTS are discussed: leaf parallelization, root Parallelization, and tree parallelization.
Proof-Number Search
Single-Player Monte-Carlo Tree Search
This paper proposes a new MCTS variant, called Single-Player Monte-Carlo Tree Search (SP-MCTS), which makes use of a straightforward Meta-Search extension and gained the highest score so far on the standardized test set.
Monte-Carlo strategies for computer Go
Objective Monte-Carlo is a move-selection strategy that adjusts the amount of exploration and exploitation automatically and outperforms the two classical strategies previously proposed for Monte- carlo Go: Simulated Annealing and Progressive Pruning.
Auditing in Egypt: A study of the legal framework and professional standards
The objective of the paper is to present an analysis of the legal framework surrounding the auditing profession in Egypt, and the problems faced by the profession. The basic Company Law of 1951 and
Two Decades
Opponent Modelling and Commercial Games
The conclusions are that opponent modelling has a wealth of techniques that are waiting for implementation in actual commercial games, but that the games’ publishers are reluctant to incorporate these techniques since they have no definitive opinion on the successes of a program that is outclassing human beings in strength and creativity.