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Abandoned spaces and bare life in the enclaves of the India–Bangladesh border
Abstract Based on an ethnography of the enclaves in India and Bangladesh, this paper explores enclave dwellers lived experiences of vulnerability where life is trapped in-between two states. TheseExpand
Invisible mobilities: stigma, immobilities, and female sex workers’ mundane socio-legal negotiations of Dhaka’s urban space
ABSTRACT Drawing on ethnography, this paper conceptualizes invisible mobilities by exploring the linkages between mobility, invisibility and hotel and residence based sex work in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Expand
Citizenship, abandonment and resistance in the India–Bangladesh borderland
Abstract Drawing on ethnography in the enclaves in India and Bangladesh, this paper explores a multifaceted yet enduring relationship between citizenship, abandonment and resistance. Following theExpand
Survival Mobilities: Tactics, Legality and Mobility of Undocumented Borderland Citizens in India and Bangladesh
Abstract Drawing on ethnography, this paper unravels the intricate relationship between survival tactics and legal status in the complex process of survival mobility in the ungoverned enclaves ofExpand
Border management and post - 9/11 state security concerns: implications for the Bangladesh-India border
The history of Bangladesh-India border started with the partition in 1947. Bangladesh has inherited the whole India-East Pakistan border as well as the disputes and unresolved issues following herExpand
Life, the law and the politics of abandonment : everyday geographies of the enclaves in India and Bangladesh
This PhD strives to understand what roles politico-spatial-legality play in shaping everyday life in the enclaves located in the northwest borderland curve in the India-Bangladesh border.Expand
Life in de facto statelessness in enclaves in India and Bangladesh
Drawing on conceptualization of statelessness and ethnographic research on crucial insights of rightessness, this paper investigates how the politico-geographic-legality constructs statelessness inExpand