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Influence of selenium on antibody production in sheep.
Three experiments were carried out, using sheep fed a marginally low selenium diet, to study the effect of selenium supplementation on the antibody response to tetanus toxoid and on the serum IgGExpand
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Effect of dietary vitamin E and selenium on the phytohaemagglutinin response of pig lymphocytes.
A whole-blood lymphocyte transformation test was used to study the effect of dietary vitamin E and selenium supplementation on the phytohaemagglutinin (PHA) response of peripheral pig lymphocytes.Expand
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Distribution of T and B lymphocytes in jejunal and ileocaecal Peyer's patches of lambs.
Jejunal (JPPs) and ileocaecal (IPP) Peyer's patches in lambs were studied by employing the indirect and the avidin-biotin-peroxidase methods, using antibodies to sheep IgM and thymocytes. ThymocyteExpand
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Effect of selenium on sheep lymphocyte responses to mitogens.
The effect of selenium (Se) on sheep lymphocyte response to mitogens was studied. In an indoor experiment lambs were fed a basal diet containing 0.13 mg Se kg-1, and supplemented with, respectively,Expand
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Intradermal challenge of Icelandic horses with extracts of four species of the genus Culicoides.
Twenty-three Icelandic horses were challenged with extracts of four species of biting midges: Culicoides pulicaris, C chiopterus, C obsoletus and C impunctatus. Fourteen of the tested horses wereExpand
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Intradermal Challenge of Icelandic Horses in Norway and Iceland with Extracts of Culicoides spp.
A skin test survey was carried out in Icelandic horses in Norway and Iceland using extracts of Culicoides spp. as antigen. Eleven horses with recurrent seasonal dermatitis reacted with an immediateExpand
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Border disease in Norway. Serological examination of affected sheep flocks.
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Antibodies to Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis in Adult Goats from a Naturally Infected Herd
Serum samples taken in 3 successive years (1977, 1978 and 1979) from adult dairy goats (Norwegian breed) originating from 1 herd were examined for antibodies to Gorynebacterium pseudotuberculosis.Expand
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Localisation of CD25+ cells and MHCII+ cells in lymph nodes draining Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis vaccination granuloma and the presence of a systemic immune response.
Vaccination of goat kids against paratuberculosis protects against lesions and clinical disease. The systemic cellular response was studied in goat kids 3-9 weeks after vaccination. Peripheral bloodExpand
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Swine Dysentery: A Scanning Electron Microscopic Investigation
An investigation by scanning electron microscope was performed on colonic specimens from 4 conventionally reared pigs, 2 of which were suffering from swine dysentery (SD) after inoculation withExpand
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