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Spatial Distribution of Broadleaf Weeds in North Carolina Soybean (Glycine max) Fieldsl
Spatial distribution of broadleaf weeds within 14 North Carolina soybean filelds was characterized by fitting negative binomial distributions to frequency distri- butions of weed counts in eachExpand
A simulation model of population dynamics of the codling moth, Cydia pomonella
A simulation model has been developed that predicts numbers and phenology of a population of codling moth, Cydia pomonella (L.), in an apple orchard. The model is a general insect population modelExpand
Modeling Weed Distribution for Improved Postemergence Control Decisions1
Broadleaf weeds apparently have patchy distri- butions within a field while POST control decisions are made assuming a regular spatial distribution. As a result, yield loss from weed competition mayExpand
Value of information about weed distribution for improving postemergence control decisions
Abstract Weeds apparently occur in patches within fields. This spatial distribution has implications for choosing the most profitable postemergence control measure, because weed distributionExpand
Modelling the uncertainty of weed density estimates to improve post‐emergence herbicide control decisions
Summary: Resume: Zusammenfassung A field is sampled or scouted to estimate the average densities of weed species present in order to make a post-emergence control decision. The patchy distributionExpand
A method for the incorporation of parametric uncertainty in the weighted evaluation multi-attribute decision analysis model
We develop an extension of the classic Weighted Evaluation (WE) Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis (MADA) model that allows for uncertainty in the parameters of the model. Uncertainties in attributeExpand