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Comparative electron-microscopic studies on the conus papillaris and its relationship to the retina in night and day active geckos
The ultrastructure of the capillary endothelium of the conus papillaris within the vitreous body was studied in night, day, and mixed (night and day) active geckos (Homopholis wahlbergi •, GekkoExpand
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The ultrastructure of the thin loop limbs of the mouse kidney
SummaryThe thin limbs of the loops of Henle in the mouse kidney have been investigated by conventional electron microscopy. Resulting from light microscopic investigations, a distinction in theExpand
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Electron microscopy of retinal tapetum (Caiman crocodilus)
The distribution and ultrastructure of the retinal tapetum lucidum in Caiman crocodilus is described. In the light adapted eye the tapetum is recognized in the superior half of the fundus. ItExpand
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Electron microscopic studies of the innervation of the rat kidney
SummaryThe innervation of the rat kidney is defined by a system which supplies those arterial blood vessels whose walls contain smooth muscle cells and the juxtaglomerular apparatus. VesselsExpand
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Fine structural observations of the pecten oculi capillaries of the chicken
SummaryThe pecten oculi of the domestic chicken was examined with light, scanning and transmission electron microscopy and with freeze-etching techniques. Particular attention has been given to theExpand
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Cell death in the mosaic epididymis of sex reversed mice, heterozygous for testicular feminization
SummarySex reversed mice heterozygous for testicular feminization are genetic females which are converted to males by the autosomal Sxr (“sex reversed”) mutation, thus imitating the Y-chromosome.Expand
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Die Ultrastruktur des Conus papillaris im Auge der ErzschleicheChalcides chalcides (L.) (Lacertilia, Scincidae)
SummaryThe conal process (conus papillaris) within the eye ofChalcides chalcides was studied by light and electron microscopy. The finger-like organ is not sharply bordered against the vitreous body.Expand
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The smooth muscle of the iris of the gray parrot (Psittacus erithacus).
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