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Subcellular distribution and chemical form of cadmium in bean plants.
The subcellular distribution and chemical form of Cd in bean plants grown in nutrient solutions containing Cd were investigated, which resulted in the identification of nine amino acids which were identical in roots and leaves.
Interpretation of sulfur cycling in two catchments in the Black Forest (Germany) using stable sulfur and oxygen isotope data
The isotopic composition of SO42- in bulk precipitation, canopy throughfall, seepage water at three different soil depths, stream water, and groundwater was monitored in two forested catchments in
A new sampling technique to monitor concentrations of CH4, N2O and CO2 in air at well‐defined depths in soils with varied water potential
A new sampling technique for measuring the concentrations of trace gases (CH4, CO2 and N2O) in the soil atmosphere from well‐defined depths is described. Probes are constructed from silicone tubing
The University of Giessen Free-Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment study: Description of the experimental site and of a new enrichment system
The University of Giessen long-term Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment experiment (GiFACE) started in 1998 to study responses of a semi-natural grassland to elevated CO 2 . Permanent grasslands,