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SHAPE: a computer program package for quantitative evaluation of biological shapes based on elliptic Fourier descriptors.
Quantitative evaluation of the shapes of biological organs is often required in various research fields, such as agronomy, medicine, genetics, ecology, and taxonomy. Elliptic Fourier descriptorsExpand
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Genomic selection in plant breeding: from theory to practice.
We intuitively believe that the dramatic drop in the cost of DNA marker information we have experienced should have immediate benefits in accelerating the delivery of crop varieties with improvedExpand
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Genomic Selection in Plant Breeding. Knowledge and Prospects.
Abstract “Genomic selection,” the ability to select for even complex, quantitative traits based on marker data alone, has arisen from the conjunction of new high-throughput marker technologies andExpand
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Genomic Selection Accuracy for Grain Quality Traits in Biparental Wheat Populations
Genomic selection (GS) is a promising tool for plant and animal breeding that uses genomewide molecular marker data to capture small and large effect quantitative trait loci and predict the geneticExpand
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AntMap: Constructing Genetic Linkage Maps Using an Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
High-throughput assay of molecular markers enables to utilize large amounts of markers in linkage mapping. To incorporate numerous markers into a linkage map, the development of a highly efficientExpand
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Evaluation of variation of root shape of Japanese radish (Raphanus sativus L.) based on image analysis using elliptic Fourier descriptors
Variation was of root shape in Japanese radish, due to genotypes, soil types and growth stages, were quantitatively evaluated by principal components scores based on elliptic Fourier descriptors.Expand
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Analysis of petal shape variation of Primula sieboldii by elliptic fourier descriptors and principal component analysis.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Petals are important for Primula sieboldii because of the commercial value of its flowers, and their form is a target characteristic for breeding. An appropriate understanding ofExpand
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NSUN3 methylase initiates 5-formylcytidine biogenesis in human mitochondrial tRNA(Met).
In human mitochondria, the AUA codon encodes methionine via a mitochondrial transfer RNA for methionine (mt-tRNA(Met)) that contains 5-formylcytidine (f(5)C) at the first position of the anticodonExpand
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Genome Scan to Detect Genetic Structure and Adaptive Genes of Natural Populations of Cryptomeria japonica
We investigated 29 natural populations of Cryptomeria japonica using 148 cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence markers to elucidate their genetic structure and identify candidate adaptive genes ofExpand
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A Bayesian method and its variational approximation for prediction of genomic breeding values in multiple traits
We described a Bayesian regression model incorporating variable selection for jointly predicting GBVs of multiple traits and devised both an MCMC iteration and variational approximation for Bayesian estimation of parameters in this multi-trait model. Expand
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