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Exchange Interactions between Two Nitronyl Nitroxide or Iminyl Nitroxide Radicals Attached to Thiophene and 2,2'-Bithienyl Rings
Eight bis(nitrony1 nitroxide) and bis(iminy1 nitroxide) diradicals having thiophene (2,4NT, 2,5NT, 2,4IT, and 2,5IT) and 2,2'-bithienyl units (4,4'NB, 3,3'NB, 4,5'IB, and 5,5'IB) as couplers were preExpand
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How strained is the “flat” benzene ring in superphane ?
Abstract The strain energy in the bowl-shaped benzene ring incorporated in superphane has been estimated by the MO theoretical calculations at 20.6 kcal/mole (the 4–31 G calculations). The π-orbitalsExpand
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1-Pyrenylmethyl esters, photolabile protecting groups for carboxylic acids
Abstract 1-Diazomethylpyrenes were prepared and reacted with carboxylic acids to give 1-pyrenylmethyl esters. The fluorescent esters were photolysed at 340 nm in methanol to form the starting acidsExpand
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