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Quantification of SOFC anode microstructure based on dual beam FIB-SEM technique
Abstract The three-dimensional microstructure of an SOFC anode is quantified using a dual beam focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) system equipped with an energy dispersive X-rayExpand
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On the scaling issues and high-κ replacement of ultrathin gate dielectrics for nanoscale MOS transistors
Abstract According to the recent prediction made by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) in International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), the silicon technology will continueExpand
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1.5 nm direct-tunneling gate oxide Si MOSFET's
In this paper, normal operation of a MOSFET with an ultra-thin direct-tunneling gate oxide is reported for the first time. These high current drive n-MOSFET's were fabricated with a 1.5 nmExpand
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The microchannel is one of the essential components for the construction of various micro systems. However, it has been reported that the flow and heat transfer behavior in a microchannel deviatesExpand
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NiSi salicide technology for scaled CMOS
Salicide is one of the indispensable techniques for high-performance logic devices and its importance increases as the device dimensions become small towards sub-100 nm and hence, the source/drainExpand
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Roadmap for 22 nm and beyond
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A new charge pumping method for determining the spatial distribution of hot-carrier-induced fixed charge in p-MOSFETs
A charge pumping method is proposed for the direct measurement of the hot-carrier-induced fixed charge near the drain junction of p-MOSFETs. By holding the rising and falling slopes of the gate pulseExpand
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High-frequency AC characteristics of 1.5 nm gate oxide MOSFETs
Results of the high-frequency AC characteristics of 1.5 nm direct-tunneling gate oxide MOSFET's were shown for the first time. Very high cutoff frequencies of more than 150 GHz were obtained at gateExpand
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Advanced gate dielectric materials for sub-100 nm CMOS
Properties of lanthanide oxides for gate insulators are studied with comparison to ZrO/sub 2/ and HfO/sub 2/. Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) was used for the deposition of the 'amorphous' high-k filmsExpand
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An accurate and efficient high frequency noise simulation technique for deep submicron MOSFETs
Based on an active transmission line concept and two-dimensional (2-D) device simulations, an accurate and computationally efficient simulation technique for high frequency noise performance ofExpand
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